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DNA customized nutrition supports maximum performance and faster recovery for those who take their bodies to the extreme. These are some of the athletes enjoying the GeneWize edge...

Bone & Heart Health

Now you can discover your predispositions for aging including cardiovascular, joint, lung and breast tissue health, immune health, brain and eye healt

Lung & Breast Tissue Health

Once your test is analyzed, you get back your report—clearly showing you where you need minimal support, added support and maximum support. Your custom formula is then blended accordingly.

Enhances Concentration

During DNA analysis time, we want you to start your healthy aging plan right away. So, to give you a headstart we have Essentials that contain the basics for healthy aging

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DNA customized supplements…..Augmenting Healthy you and Healthy World

Did you ever think that a time will come when we would be able to foretell the potential threat of diseases? Well…you certainly must have restricted this thought to science fiction or futuristic movies. However, now the time has come when scientists can easily prefigure the possible threats to a human body or what all are the causes a human body is getting susceptible to illness and hastened aging process. The Human Genome Project led to this startling discovery that a glimpse into an individual’s unique DNA can help in ascertaining the person’s vulnerability towards diseases.

To say it simply, in every person’s genetic coding, deep lies the answers to which essential nutritional value is needed, what all environmental stresses are causing illness and what all nutrition is needed to repair the faulty genes and restore the lost health? This tantalizing prospect of finding the solutions led to the breakthrough invention of DNA customized supplements, dictated by our very own genetic makeup.

DNA customized supplements are formulated after conducting a simple DNA test and contain special formula of essential nutrients, daily serving of fruits and vegetables and natural extracts of plants. This optimal mix enables a person to achieve high levels of performance and wellness.
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DNA Customized Nutrition: Enabling You to Lead Happier and Healthier Life

We all will agree with the fact that eating healthy food and exercising daily reduces the chances of falling ill. However, just how many among us actually live up to ‘healthy standards’? It might be true that we all keep striving to lead a healthy life but what with mounting work and personal pressures?

Many of us eat what saves our time but actually lack the proper nutrition the body needs to perform at its fullest potential. Again, we often cannot find ourselves time to follow a strict exercise regime. These are the primary reasons that have made lifestyle diseases such a common scenario. But do you think these are the only reasons? No of course not…environmental stresses are also one of the reasons why many people have deteriorating health and hastened aging process. Apparently it seems that we cannot undo the harms but of course we can control the damage through DNA customized nutrition.

Together with the advances made in the deciphering of the genomes during Human Genome Project, it is now clear that the science of genomics holds tremendous potential health globally. It was reflected during the project that most common diseases result from environmental factors, together with variations in individual susceptibility, which reflect the action of several genes. DNA customized nutrition offer a golden opportunity to help people live happier and healthier lives.

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DNA Customized Nutrition: A New Generation Nutrition

The modern and emerging medical science has made it possible to develop a new generation of nutrition based on an individual’s genetic make up. This new generation nutrition is known as DNA customized nutrition, helping to maximize a person’s efficacy and protecting against various diseases.

Recently, during the Human Genome Project, it was found out that the human genome contains between 20 000 and 25 000 genes, although genes comprise only a tiny fraction, perhaps only 1–3%, of the entire human genome. It was also reflected that virtually all of the functional relevance of an organism is encoded within genes and within the various regulatory regions. And, it is a slight variance in the genes that could possibly lead to many diseases.

Simply saying, our DNA is even more variable than was previously thought. Many diseases such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes, seem to reflect the action of various environmental factors with varying susceptibility as the result of the action of many different genes. Therefore, there is a special need of personalized nutrition that caters specifically to each individual’s genetic makeup. DNA customized nutrition is tailor made after conducting a DNA test that ascertains which core areas of genetic coding needs nutrition and repairing. DNA customized nutrition is a revolutionary new scientific approach that helps fulfilling the individual needs of meeting high levels of performance.

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